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Cash Registers

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e-Pad Kitchen Video System

The EPAD controller is a workhorse for KDS. This miniature device, which mounts on the back of most flat screen monitors, is ideal for the kitchen workplace where space is at a premium. Learn More

Sam4s ER-230BEJ Portable Cash Register

The SAM4S ER-230 Portable cash register is ideal for situations where mains power is not an option. Lasting up to 8 hours on full charge the ER-230 is the best solution for outside catering or kiosk type operations. Learn More

Sam4s SPS-530R Cash Register (Raised Keyboard)

Featuring a hybrid design, Sam4s has combined fast and simple keyboard entry with an intuitively bright 7" touch pad operator display. Learn More

Sam4s NR-520R Cash Register

The SAM4S NR-520R ECRs is designed with a bright Alphanumeric display along raised key board and twin station printers. Ideal for a range of retail applications. Learn More

Sam4s NR-510F Cash Register

Ideal for all kinds of hospitality operations. Special features provide for everything from fast food outlets to café, restaurant, fine dining, bars, & night clubs. Learn More

Casio SE-G1 Cash Register - Black

The Casio SE-G1 features all the functions required for any small to medium retail business. Learn More
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