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SAM4S SPT-4856.
The SAM4S SPT-4856 is the work horse of the SAM4S range of POS terminals with its standard POS design it has no airs and graces. However the SAM4S SPT-4856 POS is built on the latest 5th generation technology using Intel's N3160 Quad core processor. Designed with its vibrant & precise 15" projected capacative multi-touch display which is extremely durable in most environments.  Incorporating the rock solid Intel fanless processors combines speed and effiency along with quiet operation.  Coupled with its on board 64GB SSD, ensures that the solid state drive remains dust free & ingress free which is ideally suited for harsh retail and hospitality enviroments.  The SAM4S SPT-4856 is available in all black.

Latest technology PC POS

Intel Processor

5th Generation Processing!
Bucking the trend in PC Pos technology, the SPT-4856 is built with 5th generation Intel CPU'S onboard. With bags of punch the SAM4S SPT-4856 is supplied with Intel's N3160 2.24Ghz Quad Core Processor which is more than adequate for the most demanding POS software solution. The Intel processor and motherboard has been developed for the high level of reliability with low power consumption.  Whats more the processor has fanless design to ensure the noise levels are kept to a minimum

PCT Touchscreen.
All Sam4s Point of Sale terminals are supplied with the latest PCT (Projected Capacative Touch) technology, 15" multi-touch displays.  The projected touch screen will activate either with a bare finger or a capacitive pen preventing users from using pens or other sharp objects that reduced the lifetime of previous resistive touch screen technologies.  With its spill proof bezelless display (IP55 rated), ergonomic design and innovative base, the Sam4s SPT range is one of the most pleasing Point Of Sale terminals available on the market.     

PCT Touchscreen Technology

Operating Systems.
The SAM4S SPT-4856 Point of Sales terminals are available without operating system or we have configured images for installation of Windows Posready 7 or Windows 10 IOT.  Other versions of operating system can be installed such as Windows 10 Professional or Linux based operating systems.

Operating Systems

For your convenience the Sam4s SPT-4856 is supplied with a 64Gb capacity SSD (Solid State Drive) which is more than adequate for any POS Software solution.  In a working enviroment the POS terminal suffers a wide range of knocks and scrapes, thats why the non moveable components of the SSD drive is far more reliable than the standard Hard Disk Drive.  As standard the SPT-Series has 2Gb of memory onboard which is expandable to up 8Gb.

SSD Drive

The SAM4S SPT-Series interfaces are built into the main motherboard which is incorporated into the main touch display.  This helps with the aesthetically pleasing depth of the main design.  Cable management is through the upright of the stand.

  • 4 x Serial Ports
  • 4 x USB On Board with 2 USB to the side display
  • 1000Mbps Ethernet Port
  • Cash Drawer Port (Adjustable 12 or 24v)
  • VGA Port
  • Audio Out




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