Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Regulation Compliance

 Customer Care

More of your customers will be asking you to sort out the disposal of their waste. As a Distributor or a Reseller you are responsible for passing on the information that will allow the end user to do this.

As a producer YCR Distribution Ltd are responsible for the recovery, recycling and treatment of past and future WEEE by an authorised treatment facility. To manage this operation we have become members of a B2B compliance scheme.

We are responsible for the following brands:-

  • Sam4s Cash Registers, EPoS Terminals & Ellix Printers.

  • Baijia Coin Sorters and Note Counters.

  • Labau Printers and Bar Code Scanners.

Our Producer Number is : WEEE/BA0004Z.

How WEEE Care Works

We have selected the Self Administered Scheme Option provided by:

WeeeCare PLC, Richmond House, Garforth, Leeds LS25 1NB. Tel: 0844 800 2004.

Please note that the collection of WEEE will not be made at the same time as delivery of new equipment and only goods marked with a crossed out wheelie bin and placed on the market after 13th August 2005 will be collected free of charge except for the cost of transport.

Previous, historic WEEE can be collected by WeeeCare plc and they will quote a price for this service.

To arrange for the collection of WEEE do not contact YCR Distribution but phone WeeeCare plc on: 0844 800 2004. Quote our Account Number: 136021 and/or our Producer Number: WEEE/BA0004ZR. WeeeCare plc will do the rest.

Other Brands Supplied by YCR Distribution

All other brands supplied by YCR are the responsibility of other individual producers. Where possible we have gathered information supplied by these Producers for your information. When we are provided with further information we will update this page.