DPD Zero Carbon

Total Zero - Carbon neutral parcel shipping at zero extra cost to the customer

YCR Distribution Ltd are proud to be associated with our preferred Parcel Courier DPD UK.

Not only do they provide us with a reliable and efficient delivery service for distribution of over 30,000 of our parcels a year, they are now committed to doing this with a neutral carbon footprint.

 Furthermore this is at a zero cost to you our customer.

 You too can take pride in knowing that deliveries you receive from YCR add real value from an environmental and social perspective.

The Initiative

While reliant on a road network within Europe (as opposed to utilising air transport like most of its competitors), DPD still generates a significant amount of carbon. Over 90% of these emissions are generated by transporting parcels, with the remainder generated by buildings and packaging.

DPD and its parent company LaPoste have implemented a measuring scheme for carbon emissions and are always working to reduce the CO2 they produce. This work is carried out through a series of 'insetting' measures. These are initiatives designed to help lower the organisation's carbon footprint under the roof of a longstanding group wide responsibility strategy which includes a wide range of domestic and international projects and activities.

For the remaining CO2, DPD will offset the carbon emissions generated in its five biggest markets from July 2012 through an investment of its parent company LaPoste. 

DPD will offset carbon emissions of approximately 500,000 tonnes each year resulting from transport, building packaging sold by DPD and paper consumption, although this figure will continuously fall thanks to the insetting measures.

In an industry first DPD will ensure that every parcel sent via its network will be carbon neutral - and at no extra cost to the customer.